About Us

Pasargad’s history dates back to 1904 as designers and makers of some of the finest rugs known for their quality and workmanship. In 1979 the company expanded to the United States and opened a branch in New York City. Founded by Beni Isfahani as a third generation family business entrepreneur. At Pasargad we believe rugs are not just a simple floor covering but a form of art for the floor. We have recently introduced a modern line of home furnishings as well. We’ve always been considered the authority on superior quality, craftsmanship and style.

Pasargad’s forward thinking Philosophy has always been to design and create an extensive line of Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary rug and furniture collections to appeal to the latest Industry trend. At Pasargad, we provide our customers with unique products and research of latest fabrics for colors and textures.

Pasargad takes pride on providing excellent customer service and remains committed to provide even better services, through its products and ongoing research, so that you as a customer always receive the best possible rug and decor you can imagine.